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DISCLAIMER : Just venting out..feel free to close this thread if needed.

Relocated to Sydney a few days ago.
Folks here a bit more friendly than what I have seen in US/UK (atleast I have been fortunate I think).
My temporary accomodation was booked via "desi" agency which is currently charging me $400/week in Paramatta (where me,my wife and kid are huddled in an apt with other 4 souls).
Sensing that I am getting ripped off I searched online and found that there are better accomodations available which I will be able to lease by myself and have the apartment to me itself.
But we were warned to stick within the "community".

Looks like we have only the following choices for stay {Paramatta, Harris Park & Wentworthville}
Areas like {Blacktown, CBD} are dangerous.
I got a nice apartment in Dixon Street in Sydney which I had to reject because my wife was told my her friends that living in CBD is unsafe.

I have lived most of my adult life abroad (US/UK/Singapore/HK..) as such I dont mind meeting new folks.
Being a newcomer to the area I was given directions by a Pakistani who was very friendly.
Lo behold when I told my wife afterwards which country is from...she was all like "What the ???.. how can you introduce your family to xxx etc ".

Took me sometime to convince them that you should not stereotype folks based on where they are coming from..:(

Just wondered whats the point of immigrating if you dont want to be friends with folks outside of your "community"...:)

Q : How do you introduce your family who are not international in their outlook to a multi-cultural society like Aus ?.
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