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hello all,

i have recently purchased a vacation home in sicily, and i would like to purchase a car to keep there. i am a dual citizen (USA & Italy) and have an italian passport, but i am not a resident, and i do not have an italian drivers license. it is not possible for me to get italian residency, because i cannot get away from my job in the USA long enough.

i have found a nice car for a good price that i would like to buy, but i can't seem to figure out what issues i will need to navigate. is it possible for someone in my position to purchase, title, and insure a car here, or is my only option to have a friend here buy it under their name?

any help would be much appreciated... even if you can just point me to someone i can call to inquire. the seller assures me there are no problems with my situation, but obviously they are biased, and i would like to be sure before i shell out for a car.

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