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PTE Academic -
Can anyone check my summarize text answer how perfect it is and how much mark I should get on this. Finding mistakes in my answer are most welcome if any.....

Summarize Written Text
One sentence of up to 75 words – optimum amount is between 35 to 55 words.
When people describe themselves as ‘tone deaf’, ‘having no rhythm’ or ‘no ear for music’, they generally think of these things as defining characteristics. They are talents you are born with or not. However, there is a variety of research on skill development which questions this. Carol Dweck’s research shows that people who believe that skill can be developed will be far more successful, evidence supporting the old saying, ‘Whether you believe you can or can’t, you’re right.’
Along similar lines, Anders Ericsson found that what separates the experts from the amateurs in any field is about 10,000 hours of deliberate practice. The most important lesson, of course, is that change is possible. People can become something they aren’t and change who they are. Talent, even one like music, can be cultivated. However, this is not to say that natural talent does not exist.
One often overlooked study by Edwin Gordon showed that talent accounted for about half the differences in musical skill development in a group of students after three years of studying. So although anyone can become a musician, not everyone can become the best musician.

My ANSWER: :confused:
Becoming something and gain enormous success in any field is not bound to god gifted talent as it is proved that there are plenty of people who developed aced skills in field of music or in other area after putting their full effort and eventually they became famous as well as set examples for others who are deprived from the natural talent.
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