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You are right, there are no straight forward answers but let me try shooting some answers based on what I've seen in my 3 years in Australia so far.

Job market is good for technical roles, they always need senior resources for technical designer, architect profiles....
for project manager jobs, they prefer someone with a management degree in some Australian university....
Indian companies like TCS, Infosys can hire PM...

The contracting market fetches good money.... 10+ years experience can fetch jobs like 900-1000 $ a day... which is pretty decent ... but then sydney is costly so you do need such jobs here....

Schooling in NSW is 4500$ per year per child if not a citizen or a permanent citizen. day care is like a 100$ a day, if yiu go for a family day care (with less kids) it is like 65$ a day. These rates vary from area to area... i gave numbers of where i stay and where i send my kids to daycare.

hope this helps


I am well settled in Bangalore with family of PR processing.

Both me and wife are engineering graduate and working in IT with 8+ years of experience.

Me in java/j2ee technologies and wife is in telecom (mobile technologies ) with c/c++.

I have seen this question been discussed a few times in the forum before. but just wanted to get a feeling of the latest update under the changed financial situations.

1) How is the IT job market for 10+ yr experienced java professional in technical manager role ?

2) How is the IT job market for 10+ yr experienced java professional for individual contributor/developer role?

3) How is the job market for telecom software developer role (C/C++ technolgies)

4) What is an average pay package for IT jobs?

5) How is the daycare/schooling . What is the cost factor?

I know that a few of the question above are very specific and may not be having a straightforward answer. But any inputs would be helpful

Appreciate your time and any inputs ....

Thanks in advance
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