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premium economy to sydney

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Does anyone know the cheapest//best travel cost/deal to sydney from UK?
Is £4000 The best for a family of 3 ( 2 adults one child)?
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Check out skyscanner.com for best deals 4000 seems awful high for a family of 3. We traveled as a 5 piece (2 adults 3 children) for 2200 from Heathrow to brisbane with Eva air. Was economy class but the plane they had, an airbus, meant plent of seat and leg room.
I'd go to a few airlines direct and check out their prices and offer too, some that we've heard of with good schedules and services to Sydney for families are...
Singapore Airlines
Gulf Air
Malaysian Airways

You could also check with BA and Qantas but we often find they're more expensive.
Good luck!
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