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pregnant on 457

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hi guys

i havae been in australia now for 2 mths. got my 457 in dec, and moved in Jan.

i just found out that i am pregnant here. my friends have told me that i cannot deliver here in australia as the Immi will revoke my visa. is it true?

i intend to deliver here and get my child on the 457 as a dependent.

pls advice

another issue - my husband is a dependant on my visa. he is now overseas in manila and been there for 1 month. is there any restriction on how long u can stay outside australia if u are on a 457 visa??

thanks guy!!
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Yeah I am the main visa holder. My company contract says maternity not paid and they paid for private health coverage which has a 12 mth waiting period.

So I have to pay on my own which is of no issue.. What I worry abt is my visa.. I want to deliver here and just my child as a dependent..

Any way to do that without affecting visa?

Thanks for ur reply!! :)
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