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My question is in regards on how to give power of Attorney to someone back in home in the U.S.?
The right paperwork came through and now I can sell my truck back in the U.S.
The person helping me already had power of attorney (limited) it has expired and i need to give POA again.
Is anyone familiar with this?
US forms?
US Embassy?
Provide my own witness?
What is needed on the US side?
I've called DMV and the notary service we used and no one could help. This help is extremely informative and I'm hoping for some help! Thank you in advance

Thank you so so much for any info provided ;D
I'm not sure if every state allows this, but in Florida you can sign over power of attorney so someone can transfer the title on your behalf. I've personally done it and this is a link for Florida
So I suggest going on your states dmv site and search for information regarding title transfers. Hope this helps!
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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