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Dear all,

I am really happy to join this forum and looking forward to be an active member here.

I have an inquiry regarding the ACS assessment. I am a bit confused in what to apply for, Post Australian Study Skills Assessment or Skills Assessment?

My situation is as follow:

- I have finished my Bachelor in computer engineer in 2008, back in my country Jordan

- I worked for 3 years and 4 months (2009-2012) back in my country as a network engineer.

- I have attained my CCNA and CCNP, however they are expired now.

- I started my PhD here in Australia in 2012, and submitted my thesis a month ago. waiting for my results now.

I was thinking to apply as a skilled assessment for my bachelor, work experience and cisco certificate since it might give me the 5 point work experience. But I am a bit concerned if I don't assess my PhD, it will not be counted for my PR application.....

Any advice?

Many thanks
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