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I just got word that I might be transferred by my company from Dubai to Satander, Spain. The company will initially house me in hotel/furnished apartment initially (30 days) but I want to get more information about the place/area before committing to the assignment.

While it would be great to have a different scenery away from the desert, uprooting myself and my wife (after being in Dubai for only 1 year) is a totally different topic all together.

I would assume everything is cheaper in Santander vs Dubai (with the exception of gasoline prices). I am also aware of the income tax implications.

What I wanted to get more info are the little details:

Office will be located around Here

a) I did do some quick Googling and I don't think we can survive without a car. Is this accurate?

b) My wife eat out maybe 1x a week. We don't dine out a lot and would rather entertain ourselves with some nature activities. How much would weekly or monthly grocery cost?

c) How are the costs, the speed and more importantly reliability of the internet connection inside an apartment/house? Would this be easy to apply for and be installed rather quickly (in a few days vs in some places we've lived where it could take weeks-little over 1 month)?

d) How much is gasoline or diesel per liter?

e) Typical cost of mobile phone subscription including data on a monthly basis? Thinking low-moderate usage of calls/text and moderate amount of data (100-250MB/month)?

f) How much Spanish would we need to know to be able to comfortably get by initially? I only know tourist level Spanish and my wife probably 1/2 level above that.

Thanks in advance to all who can provide some input:) My company brought up the idea 2 days ago and they want me to move (if possible) in 2 weeks so I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed atm and will certainly try to ask for an extra week to just think and plan about it.:fingerscrossed:

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Do you hold an EU passport? If not, (the flag on your post implies you're American) then you'll need a visa to work here, and that will take much longer than 2 weeks to process. Your company would have to sponsor you but you'd have to apply for and wait to get it before moving here. Your HR department should know all of this.

As for your questions, I live way down south nowhere near Santander but I can give a stab at some of them.

a) Sorry, no idea if you can get by in that area without a car.

b) Cost of groceries depends on your life style but I'd say 200€/month would cover 2 adults.

c) Internet reliability and speed can vary greatly depending on where you live. But if you live in a city you can probably get fiber (fast!). As for speed of installation, I hear stories of people getting it installed in a day, and other people waiting for weeks.

d) I paid 1.17/liter the other day for diesel.

e) I pay 10€/month for a phone plan with 1000 minutes in calls within Spain and and 1GB of data. Texts are extra. (Everyone uses Whatsapp...) It's with Orange.

f) I've never been to Santander but I imagine you'd need some Spanish to get by.

Good luck!
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