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Dear Friends,

As, accomodation cost is probably the most significat part of ones living cost.... What are the chances for the newly arrived Permanent residents (without job) to get home finance instead of having to pay huge amount as rent, wouldnt it be better to pay the same amounts as installments of your own house/apartment. IF there is any such possibility?

1-What is the minimum amount required to be paid upfront as down payment etc?
2-Which institution one should contact for this purpose?
3-are newly arrived PR holders eligible for first home buyer grant in australia?
4- what is the minimum price of a one bed room flat/apartment in any hv

Looking forward to hv some useful input.


Until you have a permanent job with a contract and can show income going into your account with you living within your means a bank wont look at you. You will also need a min of 10% deposit possibly more depending on the valye of the house and your income.
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