Much has been written already about the UK potentially leaving the European Union and its potential effect on expats with concerns and worries being expressed.

But new research shows that European citizens are even more concerned about what is known as a Brexit than British people.

The poll of five European countries by global research company TNS found that 78% of Germans, 67% of Spaniards, 59% of French and 54% of Polish people want the UK to stay in Europe.


In these countries few want the UK to leave. In France opinion is more divided than in the other countries with 41% saying they want Britain to leave but no one did not take one position or the other.

In Spain just 7% want the UK to leave but 26% said they did not know while in Germany just 13% want the UK to leave and 9% don't know. There are more don't knows in Poland with 39% unable to make up their mind and just 7% wanting the UK to leave.

But in the UK opinion is much more evenly split with 38% wanting the UK to remain in the EU, 34% wanting the country to leave and 28% undecided.

British people, and expats registered to vote in the UK, will vote for the country to stay or leave the EU in a referendum on 23 June and the campaign from both sides is already underway.

When it comes to what people expect will happen, as opposed to what they want to happen, some 40% of British people expect the UK to stay in the EU while 26% expect the country to leave.

Some 47% of Germans, 48% of Spaniards and 44% of Poles predict Britain will stay but in France 52% think the UK will leave and 48% expecting the vote to result in the country staying in the EU.

The British people think leaving will harm the economy in the EU with the poll showing that only a tenth think it will improve, 38% think it will deteriorate and 21% think there will be no change.

Other Europeans are less positive when it comes to the potential effect of a Brexit on the EU economy. Two thirds of Germans, 43% of Spaniards, 39% of Poles and 33% of French predicted a Brexit would hurt the EU's economy.