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Hi all,

So I have a couple of options regarding points of EOI for 189 visa.

I'm hoping you guys could offer your opinions and advice.

A little background....

I currently work as an overhead Electrical linesman, and have done for the previous 3.5 years.
Previous to that I worked as an electrician.

I gained my electrical qualification (city & guilds level 3) in 2008, this qualification transferred over to my current career which is why I got my job in the first place with the experience I had in the electrical industry, both are governed by the electricity at work regulations, and I didn't need to start as an improver or adult learner, just have internal assessments for my current authorisations with the electricity distribution company.

In regards to points..

I am practicing for the english PTE hoping to gain minimum of 10 points, 20 would begetter obviously.
I currently sit at 50 points with 8 years work experience post qualification

If I can achieve the 20 points fro the English test, my time in related work could be dropped to 3 years, giving me a total of 60 points, and only having to provide evidence of my last 3 years work (which is very easy, single employer who I still work for) If 8 years are accepted from my "closely related work) this could be 70 points.

Lets assume I can only achieve a score to get 10 points from the English test, would my career experience be considered as closely related?

I have one other potential issue, I worked as an electricians mate whilst building up my experience over a period of 5-6 years prior to taking practice and written exams to gain my qualifications, this was not a standard apprenticeship, or certainly wasn't paying as one as I was on full time wages, how important is it that I cannot show a start date of training, or completely demonstrate the training methods?

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