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We are applying for 175 PR. In order to claim extra five points ,we need to send in my IELTS and ACS assessment letter.

My assessment is in process and following are the documents that , I have submitted to ACS

1) Passport
2) Engineering Degree
3) Offer letter
4) Last four months salary slip
5) Relieving letter - mentioning the date of relieving from the company(No services
6) Statutory declaration from the project lead in the company on a 20 rs stamp paper(sent after
ACS asked for it)
7) Id card of the project lead
8) Self Stat dec explaining why we did not provide the reference letter on company letter head

Now we received a mail from the ACS CASE OFFICER today , that the documents have reached and she would send it across to the accessor.

Now my doubt is that , once we I apply for the DIAC as a secondary applicant with my husband , can I give all these documents .. specially point no. 5 (Relieving letter .. without service certificate , as it mentions the date on which I was relieved from the company.
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