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I understand that once the invite is received the points are freezed for age.
However, if I have 60 +5 and applied for a nomination. During the processing time of nomination, if my age crosses 32, then actually the points become 55 + 5.
This would contradict what I have claimed when I apply.

Because within the nomination window, the situation changes in my case.
How should I specify the age points in the VIC nomination
If you are currently 31 and you are worried about it crossing 32, then you won't lost 5 points. You lose 5 points when you hit 33. So, till 32 yrs and 364 days you won't lose 5 points.

The day you hit 32 yrs 365 days or 33 yrs , you lose 5 points.

I am not sure about Vic, but for NSW you can send them an email and ask them to speed up the process but NSW invite and Vic nomination are different.

In any case, if you are 31 now, you have 1 more year to not worry about age.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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