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I did my intermediate (12th year of education) in 1994 and after that I've finished my 1 year diploma in Computer Sciences. Started my career as "Trainee" and started my programming career from dbase III+, foxpro and finally Oracle. Worked as a "Software Engineer" till 2003 (full time) then took admission in BS (Computer Science) 4 years program (Full time studies) but beside that I was working as part time in the same company cause they wanted me to pursue my degree and also wanted to take benefit from my skills so they allowed me to study full time and work part time so finally I've passed my BS in January 2007.

After that I've joined somewhere else as "Senior Software Engineer" and working since then now on the same position and I program in Oracle and .NET C# both cause in my company I've gained experience in both technologies.

Now I want to apply for australian immigration so therefore need to know if I am RPL case or Group A or how will get assessed from ACS. Do they consider part time job with full time studies? Anyone who has experience in assessment can assess me? I would really appreciate.
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