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Plz crosscheck my ACS Requirement Checklist

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Hi Everyone,

I have made a checklist of ACS requirements that I am starting to collect. Just wanted you guys to have a look at it and do tell me what is missing

I am attaching a excel sheet in the zip file so you can amend the checklist accordingly besides writing down in the forum.

Thanks for the feedback,


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Adding in Employer Reference Section - business cards of the employers and managers as well
I just wanted to let you know (though you may already know this) that the requirements for ACS assessments are changing on 1 February. So please do check the website to make sure that you are submitting an application (after 1 February) in line with the updated requirements.

did i break the law by attaching the excel file in the post? As noones replied yet :S
:) just copy past the list here... not many will open zip files in their system.
oh ok :)
for online application of ACS, below is my checklist

1 Section - Application Form ---------------------------------------------------------------
- Application Form (Filled application form of ACS)
2 Section - Passport -----------------------------------------------------------------------
- Passport Copy
3 Section - Details of Tertiary Qualification ----------------------------------------------
- Matriculation Certificate
- Matriculation Mark Sheet
- Intermediate Certificate
- Intermediate Mark Sheet
- Intermediate Character Certificate
- University Degree
- University Transcript
4 Section - Vendor Qualification------------------------------------------------------------
- Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist - Web 2.0 Application - Certificate
- Microsoft Certified Professional Developer - Web 2.0 Application - Certificate
5 Section - Employer Reference -------------------------------------------------------------
- Company 1 Reference Letter from HR
- Company 1 Reference Letter from Manager
- Company 1 Business Cards of the Manager and HR Manager as well
- Company 1 Appointment Letter
- Company 1 Experience Letter
- Company 1 Appraisal Letters
- Company 1 Pay Slips (how many?)
- Company 1 Bank Statement (what month range?)
- Company 1 Performance Related Certificates
- Company 1 Confirmation Letter
- Company 1 HR/Manager/colleague References
- Company 1 Income Tax Returns
6 Section - Resume ------------------------------------------------------------------------
- Resume
7 Section - Other Documents ---------------------------------------------------------------
- ?? (what could be in other documents)
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Pay slips: give one year pay slips. (we gave one year i think)
Bank Statement: We gave one year statement which has the same amount deposited as the payslips
Other Documents: Passport Copy.

what about your Id card and business card?
You can attach company brochure too for company information. We did.

Few others have posted their checklist. Have a look at that if you have missed anything, but this looks fine to me.

Yup.. i will add my id and business card as well.

I dont have payslips of my previous company.. will bank statement work in this case?.

For the currency company, i have all the payslips but they are system generated.. I dont think it will be an issue.

Good reminder of company brochure.. I will add it to my list.
Hello Faraz,
Pls check the updated link http://www.acs.org.au/index.cfm?action=show&conID=modl from ACS for claiming MODL/CSL points.
do i have to mention somewhere that I am applying for MODL/CSL.. or they would just know according to the ASCO code I selected and provide the supporting information ?
in the form there is a section for ASCO code, you fill in that. if the one you filled doesnt match your work profile they give you an appropriate Code which matches your skill in teh documents.
OK .. Im all ready to collect all these docs.. (Y)..
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