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I am about to apply for my visa and have a few doubts.
I would be grateful if anyone can help me out with these
Thank you

6.5 How do you keep in touch with the sponsor?

My hubby is in the Navy and he only comes home for the weekends.
We keep in touch via phone. Will this be a acceptable answer?

6.9 have you lived together permanently in the uk with your sponsor since your last grant of limited leave to remain as a partner?

My previous visa was for Tier 1 PSW visa which is due to expire in January 2014. I am not sure how i should answer this question.

6.13 How often do you see your sponsor?

We see each other every weekend due to his work commitments and my job being based in scotland. He works in Portsmouth. Should i say every weekend?

6.33 Do you and sponsor have any shared financial responsibilities?

We do have shared financial responsibilities but we have divided them between us. Rent used to be on my name but i managed to changed it to both our names this month. (When i moved into the flat he was deployed away so had to get the flat under my name). The only bill that is shared is council tax.

7.1a Is your sponsor a serving member of the HM forces?

The answer is yes so do i not need to fill in any of the maintenance?

Do i proceed to 7 B

what is needed from me and him to meet financial requirements?
I have my last 6 months payslips but he has not got all of them.
Both of us have our p60's
we both have requested a letter from work stating our wages.

My dad recently had a stroke so i have been in and our of the overdraft quite a few times too many but i have a good income which lets me come out of the overdraft every month. Will this effect me at all?

7.7 complete the following table indicating the sources and levels of income s indicated in 7.5 and 7.6

Do i just put how much we earn each month? as we do not have any other form of income

8.3 I have a masters in info systems obtained here in the UK. so i assume i will be exempted (I have original cert and transcripts )

9.4 Please give the details specified below in each case .If you need more space continue on a separate sheet and enclose it with this application form.

I cannot remember the dates or when all i can remember is the year and the place!

Thank you so much for your time.
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