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Hi everyone,

I'm currently doing a Master here in Australia which will end in Aug 2019 . I would like to apply for my long-time bf (we'll get married probably at the end of this year) for the dependent visa so he could come here. I have a few concerns that would like to ask for advices:
1, I know that my bf can work full-time while I'm studying. Is it hard to find a job if he's on the dependent visa? (9-5pm job particularly)
2, Can he apply for 189 or 190 if he's on dependent visa? or,
3, Can he claim for the SA so I can get partner point ?
4, Should he go for a Master instead of the dependent visa?

(please just assume that we've checked all the SOL lists and stuffs. )

We're still struggling with such things so please do give us some advices. I'm very appreciated.
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