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I have few questions regarding financial requirements and Accommodation requirements for spouse visa and
some serious advice because I'd met 2 Lawyers and 1 Solicitor and 3 of them told us a different thing.

I'm going to apply for spouse visa to join my husband in the UK. I am a Thai national.I've been studying London nearly 5 years.

I met my husband while I was studying, we've been together since 2010. Actually we planned to apply it before my student visa run out on 14 of Feb this year but our lawyer(The 3rd one) told us it no chance to get it because of the new rule. My husband didnt meet financial requirement and because I'm from Thailand,she said it's really bad cradit So she said the best is i have to go back my country till he can
meet the requirement.

He works for retail store and earn each month around 1000 or more bacause his company paid for 4 weeks and 5 weeks.

He's been working here for a few years on 40 hours contact. He's got paid 7.30/hour recently.I think he in Category A but I'm not sure A or B so I wonder if it has the way to calculate salary. We try to calculate for 12 months back and it's around 14,000 pound

How can he show his salary because he didn't get pay slip, his income is on company website.

We plan to meet the requirement through the Category A and cash savings route.
We've got cash saving in my Thai Bank,it's only my name. We couldn't have join account in Thailand because he didn't live here.

Ours cash saving it's actually ours wedding presents from my families. I've recieved it when I came back from London after our wedding.

Actually in Thai tradition we give Gold and money as a wedding gift. I have it in a bank,it's nearly 6 months now and it's 1,400,000 Baht (27,998 pound from oanda) and we've got a lot of Gold. How can I show Home office that my money is a gift from family and can i use Gold as well.

About accommodation requirements he's currently living in a share 5 bedrooms house with 5 people So do he need to find new flat or not because ours first advisor said he needs to have 1 bedroom flat on his own can't share with anyone. But we plan to move after i go back there anyway.
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