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Hi Everyone,

I am a physical(physio) Therapist in Seattle WA. I am considering making a leap to SA for employment for 1 year. Does anyone in this forum have any experinecence with this.

Information about me:
I am single, no dependents.
I am used to living a fairly spartan lifestyle.
I would move for 1 year and most likely move back to the USA.
I most likely utilize public transportation/bike i.e. no car.
I would like to live in or near Cape Town if possible (see question #1 below)

Here's what I understand. With questions listed below.

1.) I will have to work for the government and placement is determined by need. This may mean a rural province but I am not sure.
Does anyone have any experiment with this sort of placement?​
How is security in rural areas/provinces?​
Any other tips and concerns​

2.) I have to take a test similar to the board exam I took in the states
How diffcult is this board exam?​
Any tips on how to prepare?​

3.) I will not get paid very much i.e. equivlent of 17,500 USD annual.
I have seen some info on cost of living, this annual salary does not seem like a lot. Is it possible to survive on this much money?​
Given my current lifestyle how much can I expect to pay in different regions of SA?​

Thanks in advance, this seems like an exciting adventure and I am looking for gaining some more information.

Oh! I forgot, Eric!

The public transport is not near to that of what you have in Seattle! That has to be one thing that I really and truly miss of Seattle - the buses, trains, mono rails and even the ferries! So, in short, I would hugely suggest you get a bike, scooter or second hand car when you get here!

I am going back ro Seattle! :eek::p:(

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