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Hi All,
Long time lurker and have even racked up a few posts to my name! So im now out of University and have been working for a period of time and am looking to the future. I currently work in investments for a large multinational but I dont hold out much hope for getting transferred.

Im still keen to make the US my home so I will be entering the GC lottery. If that fails, I plan to do an MBA in the USA (which I had planned to do anyway) within the next two years. On completion of that, should I be unable to secure a job or an appropriate visa, I will continue my study down a PHd route.

My question regards the visa situation. I know H1B's are a crapshoot and may get better/worse (who knows?), but what is the visa situation for someone teaching/working at a university? I have read that theyre exempt from the H1b Cap, but would like verification.

Thanks for any help or advice anyone can provide.
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