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yeah, i know this is awful, and i have not even introduced myself first. I am married 3 years to a usually terrific, tempermental guy. But he has crossed a line and since we have been having troubles, and have impossible living situation, i realize that the only thingI can do is leave.

If this becomes a legal issue, i want to check out a few things

1. I am waiting for my carte di sogiorno from Palermo. they said a month, about 3 weeks ago. I have the temporary. I am eligible to apply for citizenship and plan to do this as soon as possible.

so, do i have to wait for the carte before I apply for citizenship?

2. if i leave for absolutely legal reasons; abuse, alienation of affection, excessive interference from a mother in law, do i lose my right to stay here?

what are the right steps for me to take in order to not have to lose the life I have started to create here? He, of course is convinced that if i leave all he has to do is go to the police and declare that i am not in his home anymore and i will lose everything, is this right?

also, if i need to take a break and get away, do i violate the conditions of my permesso di soggiorno?

thanks, i am in a very, very tough situation and I need to move fast but dont want to screw myself in the long run.

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