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permanent medication??

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my missus gets on prescription in the uk 4x bottles of a substance called lactulose. it does for her the same as beans and spicy food does for me if you know what i mean?? stools and not the ones you sit on. anyway i digress,,, she will most likely need this stuff the rest of her life. she gets a prescription every 4 weeks. now in the uk it is £5.99 per bottle to buy over the counter but as she gets it on prescription it costs just shy of £8 for all 4 bottles. can anyone advise what she will be able to do to keep on with this stuff in cyprus without it costing a fortune every month?
any advice greatly appreciated.
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Good morning,

There is NO national health service in Cyprus.
I don't understand why you say this.

The state hospitals and GP service are the frontline of the national health service here. As I understand it, it is a contribution based service just like the UK but eligibility ceases when family earnings are over €30,000.

If you have eligibility form the UK this is the national health service you can use.

If you feel I am wrong could you please explain the existence of the state run hospitals.

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