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permanent medication??

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my missus gets on prescription in the uk 4x bottles of a substance called lactulose. it does for her the same as beans and spicy food does for me if you know what i mean?? stools and not the ones you sit on. anyway i digress,,, she will most likely need this stuff the rest of her life. she gets a prescription every 4 weeks. now in the uk it is £5.99 per bottle to buy over the counter but as she gets it on prescription it costs just shy of £8 for all 4 bottles. can anyone advise what she will be able to do to keep on with this stuff in cyprus without it costing a fortune every month?
any advice greatly appreciated.
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yes geraldine on most people figs and oranges would do the trick and even prune juice should also be an alternative but she has tried everything and for the last 20 years she has been to the gp and everytime the best advice they gave her was to take laxatives but when she's been taking 10 laxatives every 3 days it was getting rediculous so she went to see the pharmacist and it was him that recommended lactulose and it worked a treat.
thanks geraldine your help is much appreciated and i'll look forward to hearing your findings.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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