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Hi All,

I am australian Pr and i have applied for partner visa. Now Immigration asking my PCC for sponsorship approval. i had visited australia, china and India in past 10 Year.

For Australia and India Pcc i have applied. But China Pcc i cant get because i am in australia and i called china embassy they said they cant provide china pcc in australia

Either i can go back china to get or ask someone in china to do it on my behalf.

Now i am missing few documents needed for PCC without that i cant PCC. also no contact in china.

Is any how i can infrom Immigration that i can explain my situation that i cant get china pcc in australia. They can consider only australia and india PCC. Or they can refer my PR grant file in which that time i have provided PCC and i never been back to china.

Is there any form which immigration consider to exempt from this situation china pcc.
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