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Thank you for reading my post.

My former employer is a international company(below refer as A), head office is in France. we have a office in Dubai with 100% owned by local sponsor(below refer as B), but local sponsor is not involved with any A and B‘s actual business. request by the law,all the employee's working visa is under B. GM is hired by A,under B's labour contract and has full POA from local sponsor except selling the company.

then A decide not to pay B commission(which never paid any before), so GM of the B asked me to register a new company under current office address ,and transfer the office leasing contract under my new company(below refer as C). C signed a service contract with A that C is handling the administrative work such as salary payment, office maintain. so everybody's visa is canceled from B expect GM's Visa, he didn't sign the waiver yet.

Then the A fired the GM and informed the local sponsor, blamed GM has took the sponsor's commission but not paid to him.

GM ask lawyer sent email to B asking for the end of service, which he can't directly send to A, because his labour contract is with B.

Then local sponsor went to the police station filed false accusation, accuse GM took 7 million out of B and transfered this money to other country through C. the reason he do this is to prevent GM go to ministry of labour filing the labour case against B. the reality is on C's bank account statement only received 1 month salary from A then paid to every employee through WPS.

GM was not in Dubai, so police station took my passport 2 months ago.

Then A hired a new guy made a new company(below refer as D) , all the sales and PRO visa now is under D, and they are occupying my office and refuse to pay the rent. when I signed the leasing contract, the check for the rent is already given to the landlord. so I can't afford for the check bounce. D is threaten me that sponsor will put me into jail if I try to kick them out of office. also sponsor want to get his commission from A, doesn't care who occupied my office.

I am sorry for such long story to explain this complicated situation, I have consulting the lawyer which he give me a bill with 200,000 for this case!! because he think 7 million is huge amount, but I can't afford it! I only got 10,000 salary every month and working for this company less than 3 years.

The GM sent a email to sponsor request for the settlement, that he will not file any labour case against sponsor, and in return sponsor drop the accusation in the police station and both party will not bring any other accusation towards each other. Sponsor's manager has replied a email says they are agree to settle and please draft the agreement. but after GM sent him the draft, never heared back from this manager.

it's has been more than 3 weeks now,still not received any feedback.

I am consulting with my country's consulate in Dubai, regarding if I can sue the sponsor for the false accusation, they answered me with a question "are you really want to do this? "

my passport has been in police station for 2 months now, the case has not been transfer to public prosecution ,and most likely will not unless GM come back to Dubai. But he don't want to risk his freedom to come back solve this.

I can't afford lawyer,my friend advise me should not go up against local sponsor, seems only option for me is paying for the office I am not allowed to use and keep paying my own bill in this country , Insha Allah.

Thank you very much for reading this through. I really need advice how to proceed now, thank you very much.
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