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Hi everyone,

I've been posting for quite some time on the UK forum but never on the Australian one. I am Australian and currently living in the UK on a YMS visa. I recently married my partner of 8 years and I am in the process of getting all documents ready to apply for FLR(M).

This visa is valid for 2.5 years and a Biometric Residence Permit will be issued. The problem is that my passport expires in February 2017 which is before the 2.5 period is up. I am wondering how soon before a passport expires I am able to apply for a new one? I think it will make things simpler if I have a new passport when I come to apply for FLR(M) in the UK. I have had a look on the Australian High Commission's website, but I can't find any details about how soon before a passport expires you can apply for a new one.

Many thanks for your help.
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