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Hi All

I'm a NZ resident from past one year.Recently went overseas and got married to my boyfriend. I'm back and want to call him here asap .

I have the checklist for the docs that he and I need to submit .
Have confusion about the
1. fund related :- I'm sponsoring him ,can provide my wage slip and bank statement.
Apart from that do we need to show fund ?
If yes how much?

2. tenancy agreement : I live in shared apartment .Basically i have no place to show right now about his accommodation .Can arrange just before he arrives .
So is this compulsory ?

Any suggestion/experience guys !!

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As per the normal rule for visitors coming to NZ, you as the sponsor will need to provide the evidence of the funds for the visitor, so $1000 per month of stay, or $400 per month if accommodation costs already provided.
You need to show you have the funds in the bank, or available on a credit card or in cash etc.

If you can't provide the evidence that his accommodation is covered you will have to prove the $1000 per month of stay funds.
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