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Hello everyone,

I'm new here and would like your help on a couple of questions that I had regarding Partner Visa (subclass 309).

My wife received her PR about 6 months ago and has to make her first entry in April. During the time of her application for PR she was not married. Now that we are married, we would like to apply for Partner Visa for myself with her as the sponsor.

Would it be wise to apply right now before she makes her first entry? In the sponsor form it is required for her to fill in her first entry date, and her location in australia, etc. Can these be left blank in our case? Also, regarding financial support, would it be necessary for her to have a job there and reside there before we can begin application for my partner visa or will it be alright if we can show adequate financial planning proofs for us to sustain there? If it is the latter, what sort of proofs are accepted.

Thank you very much
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