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I am living in Sydney with SUB class 457 work visa. I am planning to get married in Jan 2010. I just want to know what are all the documents and steps my partner has to do to get her visa.

I found few details from websites.

1.) Form 1066 for dependent.
2.) 2 passport size photo
3.) Spouse passport copy.
4.) Marriage Certificate

Apart from the above documents. I heard that I need to submit the below documents.

5) Health examination (Chest X-ray).
6) Copy of health insurance letter.

Can I include her name from feb in my health insurance as a dependent to me ?
Is this is enough or I need to take separate insurance for her?

7) Copy of nomination approval letter from my company(sponsor).

I heard that company has to provide the nomination approval letter.?
If possible, can someone please tell what exactly I need to ask my HR to get this letter. It will be very helpful if some one provide any sample format for this..

Is there any other details which needs to be furnished to complete the process? and how long it will take to get the visa?

Please suggest me if I miss anything.

Thank you.

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