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Hi All,

I got my Visa 190 on July 2016 and currently living in Melbourne. I am planning to register my marriage in India this month and apply for Visa 309. My Actual marriage ceremony will be done early next year but doing the registration to save some time now.

I have few questions regarding this :

1. FORM 888 cannot be done for the applicant at this stage as none of my friends in Australia met/knows her in person, I read we can do statutory declaration from family friends in India for the same. I want to know if that’s enough that I get a statutory from my parents and her parents in India ? Is Form 888 not needed in that case?
2. As a sponsor, I want to know what exactly I should submit other than a statement explaining my relationship with her.

If anyone has the Statutory sample, it will be very helpful for me and also if there are any post that explains all this please point me to that. I have tried to search myself and getting confused because of the conflicting information’s.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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