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Hi there

A few questions regarding the unmarried partner visa for the UK..

1. I am currently living and working in London on a Tier 5 Youth Mobility visa (expires 01 August 2017) and am applying for an unmarried partner visa from home (Sydney, Australia) on the 3rd of August. My partner is a UK citizen and we have lived together (in the UK and Australia) since I moved here on the 01 August 2015.

I work in a full time 'freelance' role on a monthly rolling contract (category A non-salaried) and have been for more than six months. My role is on-going and has no definite end date. Alone, my calculated annualised average for non-salaried employment exceeds the minimum financial requirement of £18,600.

The appendix FM section 1.7 states that...

3.1.3. All employment or self-employment income must come from working legally. All income and savings must be lawfully derived. Where an application relies on the earnings of the applicant, they must be in the UK with permission to work and their hours of work must
not exceed any limit specified in their conditions of leave. Earnings from employment
undertaken by the applicant when they did not have leave to enter or remain and
permission to work (excluding those whose leave has expired within 28 days of the
current application) cannot be included.

I want to make sure that this means that because I am applying for the new unmarried partner visa from Sydney within 28 days after my current visa expires, I am allowed to solely rely on my earnings alone as the applicant?

2. If I am allowed to rely solely on my own income, do I need to supply any supporting financial documents for my sponsor? Or does the below list suffice (this doesn't include any proof of relationship documentation which will include bank statements etc as proof of addresses)? Anything to add?

Sponsor Guarantee/support letter
Sponsor passport copy
Sponsor birth certificate
Sponsor proof of accommodation
Passport photos
Sponsorship undertaking form

3. Because I am working in a freelance role and use the services of an umbrella company to do my accounts, I am technically employed by my umbrella company. Do you suggest I submit a letter of employment from both my umbrella company (who sends me my payslips) as well as the company I am freelancing full time for?

4. In regards to the separate letter that states my payslips are authentic, is it enough to provide this letter from my umbrella company or would you advise I also supply one from the company I am freelancing full time for?

Thanks so much in advance! :)
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