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Parents Visitor Visa to NZ

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One of my friend is having work visa in New Zealand and his parents are living in India and they want to apply for a visitor visa to New Zealand. I have checked that he is not eligible to sponsor his parents and sponsorship form (inz1025) is not applicable in this case.

Could you please advice on the following queries to help his parents to apply for the visitor visa to stay upto 2 months?

1) Can his parents apply for visitor visa without a sponsor? If yes, how much funds are required per person if they have to live for 2 months? Can my friend show the funds from his own bank account to provide the evidence for his parents visa application?
2) Would it be mandatory to book the return tickets at the time of submitting the visa application to ensure their return?
3) Would it be mandatory to book the accomodation at the time of submitting the visa application in this case?
4) As my friend is looking to meet his parents, so - can he write a letter to express his interest to meet his parents?
5) Do they need to provide Chest Xray or any other medical certificate if they have to travel for 2 months only.
6) What are the other evidences the parents have to provide at the time of submmitting the visa application (inz1017) so that the application can be robust and consistent.

Thanks in advance :)

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Hi and welcome to the forum,
You are correct that a person holding an NZ temporary work visa cannot formally sponsor a parent that comes here as a visitor.......there is a visa application that does cater for this scenario, but the "child" in NZ must be a resident or citizen.
So, the parents who live in India only have one more option and that is to apply for their own visitor visas which they can do no problem.
Since India is not a visa waiver country they will have to formally apply for visitor visas and a valid reason to do this is so they can visit friends and family here.
With this visa type they can remain here for up to 9 months.
They will still have to complete the passenger arrival card on the flight coming in to New Zealand which is the legal declaration surrounding the conditions of the visa. They will be handed this passenger card on the flight.
They must be of acceptable health and good character, they must have evidence of onward travel within the expiry date of their visa and they must prove they have sufficient funds for the duration of their stay.
Health - since their stay is only 2 months they won't need to provide x-rays.
Character - they'll only need to worry about this if they have serious character issues and have previously been convicted of offences, been in prison etc.
Onward travel - They must show they have a ticket out of NZ to another country they have permission to go to before the expiry date of the visit visa.
Funds - they must show they have at least $1000 per month each - or $400 per month each if accommodation has already been paid for where you will need to prove that accommodation has been paid for.
The evidence of proof of funds can be from a sponsor - i.e. their child in NZ. That person will have to complete a "Sponsorship form for Temporary Entry" and provide evidence by using bank statements, salary slips, rent agreements etc.

1. Yes. For a 2 month stay they need to prove $2000 each or $800 each if accommodation already paid. Yes, your friend can provide evidence of funds for his parents visiting.
2. They don't need to show return tickets or onward travel tickets at the time of visa application but they must be able to show evidence that they will be leaving NZ via travel tickets if asked at the border in NZ when they arrive.
3. Again, it is not necessary to show the evidence that you have accommodation booked at the time of application but you should have the evidence at the time of arrival.
4. No, as the application for the visa is about the parents and not him. He is already here with a work visa. He will be their sponsor anyway by showing he has the funds to support them and he will be completing the "Sponsorship form for Temporary Entry".
5. No, but if they have any medical conditions and medication they need to carry formal details of their conditions and their medications just in case they are asked at the border.
6. Nothing additional springs to mind.
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