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Greetings members,

I am seeking advise for one of my friend who needs help in making an application for an elderly parent to immigrate permanently to Australia from India. The applicant is widowed and wants to move permanently to live with me in Australia with her daughter. I am uncertain of the possibilities considering their age 71. Now a days immigration agents and lawyer are asking for $250 to $500 for answering a few questions as consultation fee for thirty minutes, even to determine the eligibility.

Please clarify the following questions, I would greatly appreciate your help:

1. What class of visa would be suitable considering the age is 70 ? The applicant prefers a non-working (non-contributing) visa option consider the age and needs to explore suitable option/visa. Would Contributory Aged Parent (Temporary) visa (subclass 884) visa be suitable here ?
2. What would be the approximate processing fee and the wait time for obtaining the visa? I was told this is close to $50K AUD.
3. Once the visa is granted, are the benefits similar PR and would medicare facilities be available for the elder, along with a medicare card ? Are medicines subsidized ?
4. Worst case scenario, since the elderly applicant has some pressing health issue. Assuming the wait time is quite long (5 years). What happens is the applicant is unable (or decides) not to immigrate to Australia or passes away in worst case scenario before the grant ? Is the application fee forfeited.

Appreciate any advice and pointers.

Thanks in advance,
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