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Hi Expats,

I need your expert advice/assistance in choosing me a good option for my Dad. PFB my dads current VISA details as per VEVO

Visa Class : VISITOR (Class FA) VISITOR (Subclass 600)
Visa grant date : 04 July 2016
Visa expiry date: 29 July 2017
Location : Onshore
Visa status : In Effect
Entries allowed : Multiple entries to and from Australia during the validity of your visa
Must not arrive after : 04 January 2018
Period of stay : 12 months on each arrival

Visa condition(s)
8101, 8201, 8501, 8503

He is a widower and 67 years old, he doesn't have anyone in my country as my elder Brother (Citizen here) and me (PR holder) migrated here.

He is currently living with us as per above VISA details and his entry to AUS is on 29 July 2016, I'm planning to take him to my country back by first week of July 2017 to apply a new VISA for him as the 12 months period of stay is due. I'm curious to know if he has to wait for another 6 months to apply the same VISA?. as per the current situation, we can't afford 50k$ to get the sponsored PR VISA within 2 year

He already holds a valid OVHC as per condition 8501.

Kindly advise/assist on choosing him a best VISA Option.

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Have you looked into the option of getting a 3 year or a 5 year visa for him? I am not sure if it is available now or still has to go through in the Parliament, you can find that out.

Alternatively, there is no option for him but to wait for 6 months and apply for a visa once again.
Yeah have gone through that, but it has to pass the parliament and likely to be commenced from Nov 2017. There are no much details available for them and some links says there is no path way for PR if we opt the same which would have a maximum of 10 years (20k$).
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