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Hi All,

During my documentation process i got stuck in Reference letter document.
As i came to know that if the company is not giving Experience letter on company letter head, we can take reference letter from a colleague.

My Colleague who is providing me with Reference letter is at higher designation than me , but we both are reporting to same manager, challenge is while defining the Org Hierarchy, since we both report to same manager and the Org Hierarchy has to be signed by my colleagues manager which in this case is my manager as well.

I cannot go to my manager as this will create wrong impression to him and will hamper my growth in my current company.

Is Org Hierarchy document is mandatory to be signed by Sr Colleague manager, is there a way with out providing Org Hierarchy.
Off course i will be providing all the relevant documents like Visiting Cards, offer letter, Payslips.

Please suggest as i am extremely confused.

Thanks & Regards
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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