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I am looking for advise for my friend. Not sure if anyone has any advise.

My friend move to England from Sierra Leone in the summer of 2011 of a student visa for 2 years where he did his masters degree.

He then got a 2 year work visa which ran out in May 2014. He applied to renew it but it was refused as he doesn't meet the £20k/£25k threshold (not too sure the amount). Think he get paid about £13-£14k a year.

He put in an appeal but then Ebola hit Africa so he has not been sent home but is basically only here because of Ebola and it is a ticking time bomb. He has got a letter to say his appeal is being heard but his solicitor basically said they are unlikely to give him a visa due to his pay. His work offered to sponsor him but he doesn't earn enough.

He has worked damned hard here doing his masters and has worked right through from graduation. It is so unfair. He does not want to go home.

Does anyone know of any options or route to try that we don't know about. Surinder Singh etc? He has family in Ireland so could move the centre of his world. Just not sure if there are any options.

He has tried to find a better paid job but as he doesn't have a work permit he can't get a job. It is swings and roundabouts.

Thank you
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