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I received below response from Engineers Australia on my CDR assessment.

In reviewing your application and the documentary evidence you have provided in your application I can offer two possible outcomes:
1) Professional Electronics Engineer (233411), based on your Bachelor degree, with Relevant Skilled Employment from 2007 to date; OR
2) Professional Telecommunications Engineer (263311), based on the combination of your Bachelor and Masters degree, with Relevant Skilled Employment from 2012 to date.
Please review both options and advise which outcome you wish to pursue when you submit your outstanding documents.
I have proficient English level, with PTE-A L-79, R-82, S-65, W-90, so I'm claiming 10 points.

If I choose option 1, my occupation will be Electronics Engineer with more than 8 years working experience, giving me total points of 65.

If I choose option 2, my occupation will be Telecommunication Engineer with 5 years of working experience, giving me total points of 60.

As we know Electronics Engineer is pro rata and flagged occupation, I am more inclined to pursue option 2.

However I would like to hear more opinions and advice from here. Everyone, pls advise, thanks much.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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