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Opening French bank account

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I’ve just come back from opening my French bank account (finally after living here for 5 months!) and I must say it was a breeze!

I was rather apprehensive beforehand, having read so much about the French bureaucracy and paperwork, and ensuring you have practically your life history with you - but hey, that's why we love France isn't it?!

Anyway my experience was fabulous. We have now got an account with Credit Agricole, after setting up an appointment with our local branch (in a small village in Aquitaine department) and just need to wait 5 days to receive our cards and pin number.

So I can't recommend them highly enough (although I appreciate it very much depends on your branch, who you speak with, your grasp of the language (and mine isn't brilliant), etc etc).

Next up, buying a car and finding a new rental near Bayonne, but I am feeling a lot more positive about handling it!
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Living in France on a Working Holiday Visa, I went down to my French girlfriends bank with her to open an account, and the best the guy said he could do was an account, but sort of a kids account or something? I dont know why but it was rather annoying and frustrating.

Essentially it was an account in my name, with a card however the card is only good for withddrawing cash from said banks ATMS. Not for eftpos in the shops or other ATMS. Pain in the **se but ok.

Then I get my letter in the post, with my name, then the address has a prefix of "Chez Mlle <insert girlfriends name> 83 rue de la" etc etc....

Kind of a joke but all i needed it for was somewhere for employers to drop my wages. Of which, finding one is STILL proving to be a RIGHT problem!! Paper paper...
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