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To all pr applicants from India or related to India who has to submit an India PCC, the process to find out when to apply for your India PCC :confused:

If you are in India: :(:

Before few months of tentative date of assignment of case officer

1.Go to the regional passport office which generated your passport.

2.Stand in the long queue of the enquiry and check with the guy there,if your police verification report is positive or negative.

3. After some pleading or few visits,you will come to know whether it is negative or positive.

4.If negative,make your plans to apply for India PCC.

5. This is going to take atleast a month as this will also trigger a new police verification, address change if any.

6. Enjoy the super slow process of the Indian Passport Office.

7. Applying is very important if you don't want to delay when your case officer asks for it.

8. Do not worry if you will be required to apply for India PCC again.Once your police verification turns positive every time you apply it takes only 1 to 3 days.

If you are abroad: ;)

1.There is no way to know whether your police verification is positive or negative as the high commission or outsourced agency won't tell you anything.

2.The best approach is to apply for Indian PCC just for the fun of it.

3. Based on whether your police verification report is positive or negative, you will get your pcc in three days to eight weeks.

3.Three days when your police verification report is positive.

5.If it is negative,the consulate or high commission will send your application to the regional passport offices for all the addresses you have filled in your application.

6. Once they receive report or response from them,they give you the pcc.

Following one of the two approaches above, you will have the india pcc handy when the case officer asks for it

Hope this information helps you all....:D
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