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is it possible to find a job from offshore?
Can somebody help me and guide me?

HI zeez313

I found a job before i got my visa ( im still waiting for my visa, any day now i hope!! )
I had to go for a sponsord visa because im over 45, but i found some good job websites.
Look on the sticky lists at the top of the first page; the one that says ( Helpful websites for your move to Australia by Kaz101 ) and scrol down till you come to jobs.
I found the Ozzy employers very helpfull and very patient with me, there were some that did'nt want to know, but once you get onto the job sites it's great to put in your location and type of job your after and see what comes up..
you could also google australian job websites and see what turns up.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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