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Hi there

I am completely new to this. Since 2004 I have been going between Britain and America, in 2010 I lived there on a tourist visa for 6 months. During my time I made a lot of great friends and great contacts and continue to visit on a tourist visa. I have been offered a job by an employer as one of my good friends work there and the employer is keen to get me started.

Does anyone know what steps I need to take in order to work in the USA? At the moment this is temporary however I am looking to live their permanently at some point as the employer has stated he would have no problem in giving me permanent employement .

In 2010 while I was there for 6 months I visited a community college who accepted me to study Criminal Justice, however at that point I did not have the funds, but I do want to aim for this in the future.

Many Thanks in advance :)
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