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Just another question!!!!!!! Told you there would be a few!!!!

Ive been on seek.nz and all the preschool jobs i can see ask for teachers, is that what we would call our selves in nz? Ive worked for 20 years in the same proffession if not in a nursery but as a child minder in my own home but doing the exact same job.
We wouldnt be coming in on my work as its not high up there, but just a query for when i come to look for work, what my job title would be.
Hope somebody has an idea for me!!! And i wont be so impatient this time top cat!!!!!!
:D I can remember what I was like when my husband agreed to move over - i couldn't move quickly enough!
We have pre-schools here but I'm afraid I'm not sure what qualifications are needed. Jen (our resident schoolteacher/preschool mom) may have more idea - but as she's currently coping with a baby and 2 toddlers she may not find it to the Forum too often.

Anyone else out there with relevant experience?
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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