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Hi Everyone,

This is our first post and we are looking for the best way (and visa) to get us to Australia as we have a complicated situation and had given up hope of being able to get permanent residency.

We have had some advice today from a migration agency that has given us hope but we don’t want to spend time and money if this is not a feasible option.

Our complicating factors are my age:- I am 45 in December and the fact that I do not yet have a degree in nursing.

The agency has advised that we do an application to ANMAC now with the hope that it will get accepted on my current qualifications and experience. They said they would check prior doing application how likely it is that my qualifications and experience would be enough with ANMAC.

I have been qualified as an RGN for 22 years and have worked as a nurse since then, I have worked in Neonatal Intensive Care, Practice Nursing and School Nursing. I am just doing the last module I need to have enough level 5 credits for a diploma and then intend to start a top up degree in nursing as soon as I can (distance learning and self funded)

The advice that was given was in the hope that we could get an expression of interest before I am 45 and then the timescales would fit that I would have my degree by the time I need to apply for registration with APHRA.

Please can anyone advise if this seems remotely feasible as we don’t want to get our hopes up.

My husband works in ICT but does not have a degree

Plan B is to wait until my degree is finished and apply for a temporary visa
Plan C is to go to New Zealand

Thanks for reading and I look forward to replies and joining in.

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