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Hello seniorexpats,

There is a question in the 190 NSW application form that says:

1. Australian Visa Held if any. What should I fill in that ?

I have had a 457 visa and worked there but it has been already cancelled when I returned back to India. However, initially that visa was given to me for 4 years of validity, although I haven't worked there for 4 years.

I am skeptical if I have to fill the details, because it is already cancelled and an expiry date wouldn't be making a sense for the cancelled visa right ? Anyone on same situation please ? Advise.

2. Should I place EOI with 65 points or to be safer 60 ? Because I do have 4.3 years of experience fully considered by ACS as per old format, but if they reduce my 4 years experience in DIAC, I will lose 5 points, leading me to 60. But 60 is also meeting eligibility so I will be safer to get the grant, however, going through forum, it is likey to be rejected if we claim 65 in my scenario and they reduce it to 60 even though it meets eligibility. And, it will be successful if I claim 60 only by ignoring all my work experience myself. However, I do have all documents for my work experience including skill letters from my employers.

Please advise what is the safe option for NSW. 65 or 60 ?

Best regards,
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