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please i will need help for this forum i am married to a south africa for years now and i have work permit for staying in the country so i decided to have a spouse permit done from vfs in durban i summited all the required document but when i got a message that it wad ready i went to collect it but what i saw was confusing it states as follows ..with re fence to your application for relative visa you are here in terms of provisions of section 8 (3) of the act hereby notified the decision Rejection... and the reasons are of
1..wrong catergory applied for:Applicant does not qualify for a relative visa in terms of regulation 17 (1)
2..no payment of applications fee in terms of regulation....
you may within 10 working days from date of receipt of notice make written representation to the director general to review the decision.....
what is worrying to me is i summited all required. . But what can i do next??.
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