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I am currently living in the UK (have done for four years) but I am in the process of finding a new job in the UAE. To get the visa sorted I need to have my copies of my Australian degrees notarised or attested as true etc. Can anyone confirm that I can do that at the Aust High Commission in London - I know that they offer a notarial service but is that what I need??

Then, if and when I get them signed as true copies in London do I have to send them the the UAE consulate in Aust or the UK as I also have UK documents that I need to send -I thought they should go off together etc for my visa, but if they have to go to two different locations?? is it going to get too confusing, cause I'm confused already...

This degree 'attestation' is a standard requirement for all work/residence visa applicants by the UAE authorities which was introduced a couple of years ago.

Unfortunately, you cannot have your degrees attested in the UK; rather the UAE requires that it must be done in the country of origin (which in your case would be Australia). It does not need to be done in person, however: you can ask a friend/relative in Australia to do it on your behalf.

I suggest you check with the Aus High Commission regarding the exact procedure to be followed for Aus degree attestation for the UAE. (British degrees for example need to be notarised by a lawyer first, then sent to the FCO in Milton Keynes for attestation, prior to them submitting said attestation directly to the UAE embassy, who then return them to the applicant.)

Once you have the attestations from Aus in hand, you will then be able to make your application at the UAE embassy in London, assuming you are legally resident in the UK and have all the correct visa documentation to hand.

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