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Does anyone have recent experience getting a Swiss G permit as a non-EU?

I have interviewed for a dream job in Basel and it appears I might get an offer, however due to my French husbands job we need to remain living in France, but would move to the border region. HR doesn't seem too concerned with getting me a G permit... I'm curious for input because my second choice job is currently getting final approval for a job offer that doesn't have any visa issues, so I don't want to turn down a certainty then have nothing because my visa application was rejected.

About me: I'm Canadian, have a PhD in a relatively niche scientific field and a few years experience, so they can probably satisfy the job market test, and the salary will be generous. I have a 10yr titre de séjour in France, speak French fluently, a couple kids (putting them in a German-speaking school would be tough), and if I continue living in France can apply for nationality next year - so on a personal level I have ample reason to remain in France. The company is very large and has plenty of experience getting visas.

I'd be interested in hearing reasons for rejections, or situations like mine that were successful.

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