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No Spain for us...

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:( Well Husband went for interview last week and he's just found out that they gave the job to the other guy. We are gutted. :mad:

Just wanted to say thanks to Jo and everyone else for their help though.

Best Wishes

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oh what a shame :(

now that you have the 'bug' I bet he'll find others to apply for though;)
Thank you! Unfortunately, job hunting just isn't going well in UK let alone Spain...I don't think there will be another opportunity for us to move to Spain. Trying not to get too upset for my husbands sake, but rarely seen him cry...
He is I.T - project manager / call centres / charity/ data manager / dialler specialist. Loads of experience, but apparently other guy "more suitable".
have you thought of Gib?
Yes, this is all in his search criteria. He basically is searching for anywhere in the world (well, anywhere that isn't currently at war!)

I guess that Spain wasn't meant to be for us. Shame though, as he was really perfect for the job and we loved the area. Good luck to the other guy though - I'm sure he will love it.
Well I can keep dreaming. Trust me to get my heart too set on it before they'd offered him the job (horrible Recruitment agents who make you think that you've practically got the job and the 2nd interview is just a formality).
try infojobs.net and type in the key words related to his particular fields of IT.

Wishing you luck. x

Have to learn Spanish for that one. ;-)
1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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