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Submitting EOI 190 is not possible for 16 removed occupations on 19th April.

The Skillelect has not updated the occupations list for 190 visa from 1st of July.
16 days for fixing a simple issue is a very long time!!!

following occupation can not submit EOI 190:

Project Builder ANZSCO 133112
Production Manager (Mining) ANZSCO 133513
Medical Administrator ANZSCO 134211
Ship's Engineer ANZSCO 231212
Ship's Master ANZSCO 231213
Ship's Officer ANZSCO 231214
Chemical Engineer ANZSCO 233111
Materials Engineer ANZSCO 233112
Electronics Engineer ANZSCO 233411
Industrial Engineer ANZSCO 233511
Production or Plant Engineer ANZSCO 233513
Civil Engineering Technician ANZSCO 312212
Telecommunications Network Planner ANZSCO 313213
Pressure Welder ANZSCO 322312
Stonemason ANZSCO 331112
Electrical Linesworker ANZSCO 342211

If you affected by this issue please act fast and contact SkillSelect and DIBP.

please report to https://skillselect.govspace.gov.au/help and also dibp using https://www.border.gov.au/about/cont...ts-suggestions

you can also call them using 133177.

I am kindly requesting if you can follow up this issue. Hopefully, if they see many requests regarding this issue, they solve it faster.

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